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Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Grown Marketing vs. Network Marketing

Home-grown marketing efforts are not only a good idea but essential to the success of your restaurant. You have to make sure that you're getting the "work" out to as many people as possible on a regular basis. Business may be good now but if there is a slow down of any kind, you can't be caught off guard. Some examples of home-grown marketing are flyers and/or menu distribution days, coupons for slower times/days, updating your website with current events, etc. Also, commenting on sites like Linkedin, Facebook, etc. will put your restaurant name out there. Network marketing is what we do. We don't own a restaurant but we promote them using a national directory that shows local results. The power of a directory like ours is worth its weight in gold. The exposure you get is much more than flyer distribution or a standard business directory because we're delivering restaurant content. When our users open a menu, they're either looking to be convinced to dine in your restaurant or they've decided but just want to confirm what they'll be eating. Now compare this to traditional advertising. Newspapers, magazine, etc. have circulations statistics matched with readership numbers attached. For example, a local newspaper may have a circulation of 100k but a 2.2 person readership. That means 2.2 people can read one copy (on average). The concern for you should be out of all of these numbers, how many people are reading/seeing my restaurant ad and how many will be a "buyer"? Network marketing is less expansive and gives you the "buyers" - not readers. You want people that are looking for a restaurant. You want people looking for a coupon. These are your current and future customers that will dine MORE than they have in the past. They need reasons to do so. Lastly, network marketing can help you market your restaurant to those new customers that don't know your restaurant's name or even that you exist. If a network directory can bring 50-100 new, recurring customer's each month/year, what is that worth to you?

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Monday, May 7, 2012

People are searching for a restaurant right now!

It could be your restaurant or just ANY restaurant. MenuSearch.Net is their one-stop directory. Put your menu in THE CUSTOMER'S hands 24/7, 365 days per year!! Get your menu on-line in 24 hours! Building a website? We drive traffic to it even before it's done Drive traffic into your restaurant Increase your web presence Search Engine Optimization (SEO) On-line and local level marketing No development or hosting fees - just one low annual fee Less than $1 per day!! Loyalty Price Protection 12 free menu changes per year WE do all your updates NO WEB SITE?? - We can give you your own unique web address in under 24 hours!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Having a website doesn't maxmize your visibility.

Over the years, restaurants believe(d) that having a website built for them meant they were done but the reality is, a website is like a social network. You have to continually drive traffic (like invites to join) to your website. Would you open your restaurant without any signage and just unlock the door? That is what happens when you build a website without using other websites to drive traffic to it. Back-links are good but listings in other websites is better. The more the better.

I know this concept seems like duplication of effort but there is a great article the articulates my point even better: If You Build It, Can They Find It?

I leave with a question: Why do Delta Airlines, American Airlines and many other subscribe to Travelocity, Expedia, etc? (Hint: They have websites....)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Easy Menu Distribution

I know this is not a new or revolutionary idea but it's amazing how you think you have all your bases covered, when you don't. They next menu print run you do or perhaps you have a ton laying around, box'em up and jump in the car. Take these menus to every motel and hotel within 25-50 miles of your restaurant. When people travel, they don't want to jump through hoops to find a restaurant. When a hotel or motel agree to hold or distribute your menus, be sure to create a route list and check on them every few weeks. If they're out, you need to get them more as that means business. If they're still there, have a conversation as to why. Open communication and partnerships with complementary businesses is key to success. We of all people know this fact.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Growth and new customer is key

It has been over two years since my last post. Shame on me but I'm committed to you - the restaurant community. I'll write more if you'll do the same!

Growth and new customer is key in the current economy. We hear questions about "when" the economy will return to normal or why isn't the economy turning around but the realization is that perhaps this is the "new normal". Spikes and dips usually reflect results that cannot be sustained and therefore we all need to operate in the middle of the road. What does this mean? It means you can't freeze up but you can't go on a spending freeze either.

We speak with restaurant owners all the time. Is business good? The answer is somewhat inconsequential as everyone's answer should be the same; Business could be better.

Here are some quick and inexpensive ways to drive traffic into your business now:

Offer all customers something (a free drink, a free dessert, a sample of something you want to put on your menu, etc. Use your lowest food cost items to entice frequent visits.

Drive new customer's in with an introductory price. Entree for 1/2 when they sign up as a new customer (obtain name, address, email, phone, etc.) so that you can market to them at a later date.

Plan a monthly event. Think Cinco De Mayo but you create it. Use your imagination.

Lastly, find new ways to get your name out there. Free websites are great but sometimes paying a little can go a long way. As the owner of MenuSearch.Net, I know free is enticing but if you can drive 2, 3, 4, 10 times the traffic customer's into your restaurant for a few dollars, do it!

Too many great restaurants are going out of business like Tavern on the Green and that is not what any of us want.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

MenuSearch.Net offers restaurants free advertising in tough economy

Tampa, FL– As restaurants struggle in today’s economy, restaurant website MenuSearch.Net is offering help in the form of free advertising.

MenuSearch.Net is offering independent restaurant owners their most basic listing, to post their menus on the website, at no charge. This is a limited time offer and is designed to keep the independent restaurant in business through the current recession. The offer does not apply to chain or franchised restaurants.

MenuSearch.Net is an easy-to-use free service to visitors and locals that allows them to visit menus of restaurants in many cities and states but will have representation in all 50 states by the end of 2009. Visitors can simply choose by cuisine or location to decide upon restaurants in their area from which to order. The website also offers quick links to popular searches like “Las Vegas Chinese Restaurants” or “Tampa Thai Restaurants”.

This is one website that users have already declared a great tool and a long overdue idea to make dining out a breeze. Many restaurants have their own websites but you have to know the name of the restaurant or website to find it but MenuSearch.Net give you a one-stop shop. Over the next several months, MenuSearch.Net continue adding many more restaurants to its database. can be visited 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the following

Menusearch.Net is a restaurant database company based in Hudson, FL which specializes in advertising and marketing it’s useful website to local restaurants. Please contact: Pat Foubert at info at or call 727-207-0371.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Menus Online - Survey

Quick note:

A recent survey was done on asking the question of restaurant customers: Does it annoy you when a restaurant's menu in not online?

At the time of this post, 553 people had answered the question and 517 said YES - that's 93% of the total. Check out the survey:

This is just some of the valuable data we have to share with you.

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